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ultimate sacrifice

Dodgeball Tournament

All star vets is hosting this event

The Ultimate Sacrifice honors San Diego area law enforcement, fire and first responders as well as contributors to the                            Eddy RaeLaurin Gates Scholarship Fund.


The Ultimate Sacrifice dodgeball tournament. Get your tickets right away and bring your family to the fun!


It will be located at the Pine Avenue Community Center and Park; 3209 Harding St Carlsbad, CA 92008.


This event will take place on Sept 22nd at 11:30AM until 4:00PM., be there early to save yourself a parking space.


To empower veterans and engage them to physical fitness and comradery through community-based sports

Pvt gates' story

"On June 2, 2016 Pvt Eddy “RaeLaurin” Gates died in a tragic accident outside of Fort-Hood Texas, conducting a training operation, due to flash flooding in the training area. The training mission erupted into tragedy when the military vehicle flipped in a flooded area. RaeLaurin was 1 of 9 soldiers who died during this training incident.
Eddy RaeLaurin Gates, was only 20 years old when she died. She wanted to serve her country despite her many talents. RaeLaurin was a dancer since the age of 3. She won multiple 1 st place awards for performances. She also was awarded the Heart of a Leader award, two consecutive years for her acts of leadership in JROTC. RaeLaurin broke the school record at JROTC for drill team performance, held since 1986. For this she was awarded The Principal’s award. RaeLaurin was JROTC Queen from 2010-2013 and also crowned Homecoming Queen 2012-2013. The RaeLaurin Scholarship fund has been opened to honor her by: Janice’s Fabulous Feet, and Triton High School.
RaeLaurin is known for her selflessness before and after her untimely death. She always made time for people and remained humble despite her many accomplishments. RaeLaurin would always put “someone else before herself”. RaeLaurin enjoyed watching Sponge Bob and being goofy. We feel that the best way to honor her life is with an active, purposeful, yet light-hearted event. The maximum number of participants per team will be 9 to honor those that have fallen on this day. September 26, 1995 marks RaeLaurin’s birthday and the goal is to have the event during this month for this specific reason. We would be honored if you would join us in supporting this event. Currently our costs for hosting the event total approximately $5,000.