About Us

Our Mission

It is the Mission of All Star Vets to empower veterans of the U.S Armed Forces and engage them to become active participants in the community and to promote patriotism, mental and physical fitness and comradery through community-based sports and other team-building activities.  All Star Vets is committed to taking care of their own.

Our Vision

Reduce veteran suicide, homelessness and negative mental health symptoms using sports, recreation and wellness activities as the catalyst.

Our Team Members

A Marine Veteran, Dean has spent his career serving homeless veterans providing housing, employment and mental health services. This led Dean to co-create the mission at All Star Vets. “Using sports as the vehicle to bring our vets and their families together we can organically engage in discussions about what our vets are going through.”

Dean Dauphinais, CEO & Founder

Mark Rodriguez, Board Member

Marcus Chischilly