All Star Vets engages Veterans in sports, recreation and other wellness related activities in order to improve their overall quality of life!

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Our Mission

It is the Mission of All Star Vets to empower veterans of the U.S Armed Forces and engage them to become active participants in the community and to promote patriotism, mental and physical fitness and comradery through community-based sports and other team-building activities. All Star Vets is committed to taking care of their own.
Our events are possible by donations provided by those who see and believe in our vision. Before an event there is always a stage of fundraising as well so if you feel compelled to help please visit the donate button at the top of the page.
Sports Activities
Most of our events are related to sports to promote team-building and comradery. Because these sports involve both mental and physical fitness we are able to keep Veterans healthy by exercising, and happy by collaborating.
Positive Impact
We have a positive impact by being able to give our veterans opportunities by providing jobs for them to supplement their income. We're also members of different resource groups to help with mental health as well as physical recovery.

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Meet the people behind all of the events and all of the positive energy happening at All Star Vets.
Dean Dauphinais
Dean Dauphinais

Founder & CEO

Veteran, Native, Evangelist

Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez

Board Member

Veteran, Fundraiser

Amber Hansen
Amber Hansen

Board Member

Community Enthusiast

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